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[Bug 179802] Review Request: seamonkey

Please do not reply directly to this email. All additional
comments should be made in the comments box of this bug report.

Summary: Review Request: seamonkey


------- Additional Comments From caillon redhat com  2006-02-05 13:33 EST -------
Review comments:
- Is this really distributed under NPL/MPL?  I think it should be MPL/GPL/LGPL
- Lose the Prefix: tag
- Don't BuildRequire autoconf213; if you make changes to configure, include that
part in the patch
- Remove the ExclusiveArch.  You are including all of our current platforms, and
it probably builds on others that we don't.
- You probably ought to have the FindExternalProvides stuff that the Firefox and
Thunderbird package does.  Since the libraries provided aren't versioned, this
can cause problems when two packages provide the same libraries (mozilla also
provides these for now, and when xulrunner eventually takes over, it will do so).
- I think you can safely remove the conditional for desktop_file, unless you
really want to push this to really old releases (I think FC1 needed it, newer
- Without a GRE, the -devel package should arguably not be built since that is a
key part of the -devel platform.
- regxpcom is no longer required.  This (and the entire block surrounding it)
should go away.
- Your comment about cp -L doesn't seem needed.
- Since this is for Fedora Extras, you probably shouldn't name the default
pref/bookmarks files with redhat :-)
- seamonkey-rebuild-databases should not be needed
- I don't think selinux/chcon stuff should be in this specfile.  Is there a bug
you are trying to work around?
- The following are installed with +x and shouldn't be.  Using a %defattr in
%files with the appropriate modes will fix this.
++ seamonkey ++
++ seamonkey-chat ++
++ seamonkey-dom-inspector ++
++ seamonkey-js-debugger ++
++ seamonkey-mail ++

- Use a .mozconfig file (see what I do in the firefox package).  This will make
it easier to do development with the same flags with a different tree (just copy
the mozconfig over)

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