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[Bug 175433] Review Request: tor - Anonymizing overlay network for TCP (The onion router)

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Summary: Review Request: tor - Anonymizing overlay network for TCP (The onion router)


------- Additional Comments From kevin tummy com  2006-02-05 14:10 EST -------
>* Mon Jan 30 2006 Enrico Scholz <enrico scholz informatik tu-chemnitz de> -
>- renamed the current main-package into a '-core' subpackage and
>  created a new main-package which requires both the 'tor-core'
>  subpackage and this with the current default init-method. This
>  allows 'yum install tor' to work better; because yum is not very
>  smart, the old packaging might install unwanted packages else.

Humm.. Can you elobrate on what situation would result in unwanted packages?
I think this is a regression from the package in comment #10.
I would prefer just one tor package (with the lsb stuff), but I don't
see how adding additional packages helps anything.

>An rpm package which is linked on the Tor homepage and which would run on
>every (LSB compliant) system is possible. But it would require heavily
>discouraged things like static linking of non-LSB deps (e.g. libevent).

Quite possibly.

>So, this review is for a package in the Fedora Extras environment. This
>environment provides all the packages required for my packaging.

Agreed. This is specifically a Fedora Extras package.
In my mind this would be an argument against having a tor-lsb subpackage
as well, since fedora-extras doesn't have (yet) any other init setups.
This tor-lsb subpackage seems only needed for your setup, not for
Fedora Extras.

>The tor homepage does not link to Debian, Gentoo or *BSD binaries
>either but tells the installation command. For this package, the
>corresponding command is 'yum install tor'. The current packaging
>will also install the current default init-method but allows still
>minimal environments with more effective init methods.

True, but there is currently nothing but the default init-method
in Fedora, so it would seem to me that adding packaging for these
non Fedora cases adds confusion and isn't needed.

In any case I would be willing to approve the package as it was
in comment #10, since it meets all the guidelines. I would prefer
that version over this one with the additional tor-core subpackage,
unless there is some good reason for the package inflation.

If you prefer to get approval for the version
instead, perhaps I should move this back to FE-NEW and you can
pick up a diffrent reviewer.

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