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[Bug 174377] Review Request:gnu-smalltalk - GNU Smalltalk

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Summary: Review Request:gnu-smalltalk - GNU Smalltalk


------- Additional Comments From michel salim gmail com  2006-02-06 07:57 EST -------
Only the .i686 RPM is uploaded on that address. I rebuilt from the new .spec
file, and on i386 gets the same errors you get.

The shlib-with-non-pic-code is probably not that bad; I just recompiled
libid3tag to compare and it produced the same error with rpmlint. So you're down
to one error (rpath) plus compilation failure on x86_64 if the patch is applied.

The 'make check' log is attached; look for this line in it:

./run-test: line 9:  6984 Segmentation fault      $top_builddir/gst -rI
$top_builddir/gst.im ${base}.st >$build_base.log 2>&1

At this point it's probably advisable to contact upstream developers and ask
about the rpath problem (also, why renaming the package and regenerating the
build scripts cause some libraries to fail on some platforms).

Once we know more about the rpath problem, a quick fix would be for you to
exclude x86_64 from the supported architecture, pending a fix for that, and the
package can then be approved.

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