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[Bug 176288] Review Request: kdemulimedia-extras

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Summary: Review Request: kdemulimedia-extras


------- Additional Comments From rdieter math unl edu  2006-02-06 14:04 EST -------
> extra build requires     
> BuildRequires: libtheora-devel    
> BuildRequires: libvorbis-devel >= 1:1.1.0    
> only need versioned one. 

I don't follow.  Why?

> -package contains .la files  

These are loadable modules, not devel libraries, so don't worry.  (-: 
Regardless, kde really does need them unfortunately, so there's really no option
to remove these.

> I would personally remove the gtk-update-icon-cache from post as I believe    
> thats not where it belongs, 

Especially after the recent discussions on the mailing list(s), I agree 100%.

> -juk does not install .desktop file correctly

I assume you mean that we're missing:
desktop-file-install --add-category "X-Fedora"

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