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Re: FE package status Tue Feb 7 2006

fedora leemhuis info said:
> Could you sort this and maybe some of the other lists by the owner and not by
> package name? This way each and every packager has to go through the whole
> list a look out for his packages. When it is sorted by owner you just have to
> search for your own email address -- that's a lot easier.

Ok, will do.

> You probably should add the domains somehow -- there are at least two people
> (I'm one of them) that use fedora my domain foo  I would suggest
> fedora[AT]leemhuis[DOT]info, fedora leemhuis, fedora-leemhuis_info or
> something like that.


> And another thing: How to I get a package out of the list in case it is stuck
> due to legal problems or other well known things? 

I think probably the easiest is I create a wiki page with package names that I 
should not check.  The hardest part is choosing a page name, I guess...

> Well, at least firefox and thunderbird (probably many more) were moved to
> core long time ago -- do we really need them in this list? Then it will grow
> endlessly over time. 

Yea, I agree the "moved to core" part is not so useful.  I'll remove it.

> This one is a great idea! Maybe is should be placed somewhere more
> prominent...

It's not bullet proof, though.  Some packages actually do get comment but 
their change date is not updated.  But it's rather uncommon...


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