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Re: FE package status Tue Feb 7 2006

Le mardi 07 février 2006 à 20:50 +0100, Christian Iseli licr org a
écrit :
> fedora leemhuis info said:

> > Well, at least firefox and thunderbird (probably many more) were moved to
> > core long time ago -- do we really need them in this list? Then it will grow
> > endlessly over time. 
> Yea, I agree the "moved to core" part is not so useful.  I'll remove it.

Please don't
You're right on the operational front it's useless
However from a marketing POW it's invaluable: it shows people stuff does
move from FE to FC, so even if they don't care about FE FE is the
primary path to core inclusion

If you don't point to these packages people will be endlessly trying to
get directly to core/rhel, short-circuiting the FE process and wasting
everyone's time.

Nicolas Mailhot

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