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[Bug 176205] Review Request: GZLauncher

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comments should be made in the comments box of this bug report.

Summary: Review Request: GZLauncher


------- Additional Comments From mwoodj knology net  2006-02-08 14:21 EST -------
Thank you for submitting a bug report for my gzlauncher project. I also
appreciate the testing that is taking place in your attempt to approve the
software. I need to note a few things about the current state of gzlauncher.

1) Due to DoS attacks on the gzlauncher master server the gzlauncher developers
decided that with the latest release of zdaemon they would close the launcher
protocol. The developers would allow me access to the launcher protocol if it
weren't for the open nature of my launcher. As I will not close-source my
software this means that gzlauncher is currently unable to contact the zdaemon
master servers. In the event that someone decides to do a branch off the most
recent open-source version of Zdaemon and use an open launcher protocol I will
support that project with gzlauncher. In the event that Zdaemon decides to open
the launcher protocol at some point I will support that project again as well.

2) GZLauncher was developed rather quickly due to a sudden demand for a decent
Linux launcher. I exclusively use Linux and when I decided I wanted a launcher
other users expressed their desire for one. So, I decided to build GZLauncher
and I cranked it out as quickly as possible. Their are very likely some bugs
including the one that has been reported to me. There is probably memory
allocated but never freed, etc, etc. When the opportunity arises to continue
GZLauncher developent (when the protocol is again open) I plan on doing a full
re-write of the application. This will include changing to the use of libglade
as opposed to using glade produced code for the interface. I will also develop
it more cleanly which will hopefully mean less bugs. I also have many ideas for
features including adding buddly list and an irc client to connect to the
zdaemon player chat as the windows launcher does.

Basically, in my opinion, this software is not in a state to be included in any
packages particularly since it is useless as long as the Zdaemon launcher
protocol remains closed.

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