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[Bug 180422] Review Request: gnome-mud

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Summary: Review Request: gnome-mud


------- Additional Comments From bdpepple ameritech net  2006-02-08 19:04 EST -------
Some thing that you need to fix:

1.  There's a couple of unnecessary BR, such as vte, libglade2.
2.  Drop the requires on gtk2.  Your BR should pull this in automatically.
3.  You need to use macros in your file section (and also when you modify the
desktop file).  Refer to the wiki for the specific macros.
4.  Run rpmlint on your rpm.  I'm guessing that it will give a few error that
need to fix (just by looking at your spec I'd say that some of the lines in the
description are to long).
5.  In the files section, /usr/share/* (which should be %{_datadir}, BTW) should
be changed, using a wildcard to pull child directories could cause ownership
6.  The desktop file looks to be wrong in the files section, since your adding a
vendor.  The file should be fedora-gnome-mud.desktop.  I'm guessing your packing
the wrong desktop file, since your not deleting the original.

You should give the wiki another read-over, since most of the issues are
addressed there.  Before someone will sponser you, you've got to demonstate a
good understanding of Fedora Extras package process and requirements.

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