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Re: RFC: automated broken deps reports

> As discussed briefly in the last meeting of FESCO, there are a few open
> questions with regard to running a script that does automated checking of
> broken dependencies in Fedora Extras:
> * How often to run it?
> Daily? After every push of new builds for Fedora Extras? If Rawhide breaks
> something how do we become aware of that in time?

Barring excessive cpu usage, I would run as often as possible.  Why not
catch a broken dependencies as soon as possible (assuming the script has
access to the just built plague repository).  Some caveats follow.
> * Whether to mail a summary of all broken dependencies to
>   fedora-extras-list?

I vote for just the list of packages per repository.  No email addresses. 
Not broken down by email address.  Just the package names.  The summary
should only be posted about once a day though - probably after FE pushes.
> * How often to mail the packager?

Just once per N-V-R.

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