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[Bug 180532] Review Request: perl-UNIVERSAL-can

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Summary: Review Request: perl-UNIVERSAL-can


------- Additional Comments From jpo di uminho pt  2006-02-10 05:22 EST -------

I messed up and tested the previous specfile in the wrong system. The previous
specfile didn't build correctely in devel (perl 5.8.8/Sup::Uplevel/Test::Warn

Right now there are two new versions of UNIVERSAL::can in CPAN and at least the
latest one passes all tests in devel (according to the Changelog it now includes
workarounds to the weird problems in Test::Warn).  I believe the problems are
due to Sub::Uplevel in perl 5.8.8 (the test suite generates a lot of noise) but
I only have time to look into it next week.

Diff from UNIVERSAL-can-1.03 to UNIVERSAL-can-1.11


The specfile link is the same.


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