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[Bug 180422] Review Request: gnome-mud

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Summary: Review Request: gnome-mud


frank scirocco-5v-turbo de changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
                 CC|frank scirocco-5v-turbo de  |

------- Additional Comments From frank scirocco-5v-turbo de  2006-02-10 05:54 EST -------
(In reply to comment #7)
> The scrollkeeper problem from comment #2 still exists in the -3 package.  It
> looks like '--disable-scrollkeeper' didn't fix the problem.

Ooops, this was my fault. I should look at the package sources or at least
select the correct tag in GNOME CVS. The packaged version is old style
scrollkeeper. The gnome-doc-utils approach is only in CVS HEAD right now, so
future versions will use it.

More careful comments:
1. Undo the crap suggested by me. Remove BR gnome-doc-utils and add BR scrollkeeper
2. Add 'export GCONF_DISABLE_MAKEFILE_SCHEMA_INSTALL=1' before 'make install'
3. Unpackaged files: %{_datadir}/gnome/help/gnome-mud/C/monitor.py[co]. Not sure
if they should be ghosted.
4. GConf scheme handling is missing - see ScriptletSnippets in the wiki
5. Description needs to be wrapped after 80 chars
6. Changelog not up to date (rpmlint)
7. At least the license text (COPYING) is missing in %doc. I would add AUTHORS,
NEWS, and ROADMAP too.
8. I would add this line after '%setup -q' to solve the scrollkeeper issue:

sed -i -e '/-scrollkeeper-update -p/d' doc/omf-install/Makefile.in

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