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shared versus static for numerical and plotting


I think that we should make an exception for not shipping static library 
for plotting or numerical stuff. Indeed the arguments to avoid static 
libraries in that case don't hold as security/bugfixes/nss/glibc are not
an issue in that case. At least the arguments listed at


don't seem to be relevant for such cases. Moreover the shared libs will be 
picked up in priority, so the user must link on purpose with static libraries.
On the other hand it is very handy to be able to rerun a model or a program
that do a graph 5 years later and on other linux boxes.

Any thoughts on this? If it is agreed, could it be stated on the wiki?

I don't think that we should ship static libraries in general, for example
I believe that this should be avoided for network stuff, image or text
processing, basic system stuff and so on...


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