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[Bug 179904] Review Request: icecast

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Summary: Review Request: icecast


------- Additional Comments From holbrookbw users sourceforge net  2006-02-15 23:56 EST -------
[[ This review is only for icecast.  ices will be considered later pending the
upgrade of libshout to 2.x ]]

I assume you know why you specified:
BuildRequires: automake16
...but it's not obvious

Now onto the checklist...

rpmlint's only complaint:
W: icecast strange-permission icecast.init 0755

But init scripts need to be executable, so rpmlint is retarded

naming guidelines: OK
name matches base package: OK
specfile matches base package: OK
packaging guidelines: OK
GPL License: OK
COPYING file matches (and included in %doc): OK
legible: OK
md5: OK
  2d80a249fa8529f82d018c6216108ea8  SOURCES/icecast-2.3.1.tar.gz
  2d80a249fa8529f82d018c6216108ea8  icecast-2.3.1.tar.gz
successful build:
  x64=UNKNOWN ( Nothing to try it on :-/ )
BuildRequires: OK
ownership/permissions: OK
no duplicate %files: OK
%clean: OK
consistent macros: OK


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