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[Bug 178900] Review Request: monodoc

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Summary: Review Request: monodoc


------- Additional Comments From paul all-the-johnsons co uk  2006-02-16 02:12 EST -------
When I installed mono on my x86_64 boxes, everything defaulted to /usr/lib,
hense the warning.

There isn't a problem (as such) with 64 bit stuff going into /usr/lib. I was
under the impression though that anything 64 bit should really go in /usr/lib64
until such time that use of 64 bit was far more widespread.

I kind of assumed there was a problem with the 64 bit version between test2 and
some of the newer kernels due to the find file bug (or whatever it was called).
However, even on kernel 1948 there is a problem with compilation (try compiling
gtksourceview-sharp and you'll see what I mean (it complains that
/usr/lib64/pkgconfig/../../share/gapi-2.0/gnome-api.xml doesn't exist when it
does - this could be down to a configure problem but the file does exist on my

Thanks for the comments

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