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Re: Packaging review guidelines clarification

Mike McGrath wrote:
Hi folks,

I'm reviewing a package that builds on FC4 but not on devel due to
recent GCC issues.  According to
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Packaging/ReviewGuidelines :

 "MUST: The package must successfully compile and build into
  binary rpms on at least one supported architecture."

but, unfortunately, this says nothing about *which* version(s) of FC
should be used.  I think "one supported architecture on either
FC-current or FC-devel" would be appropriate but thats just my opinion.
And I could appreciate the reasoning behind "must build on FC-devel"
since its where all FE packages are initially imported.  So would
someone (Spot?) please clarify?


I've always used "a current supported version of Fedora Core" as a
rule of thumb.  I also treat the should build on mock as a must build
on mock unless the contributor can provide a good reason as to why it
won't build on mock.


I also think that the version and arch which was used in the review should be clearly noted, as well as any disclaimers about known build failures or non-attempts on other versions/arches.


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