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[Bug 179904] Review Request: icecast

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comments should be made in the comments box of this bug report.

Summary: Review Request: icecast


------- Additional Comments From andreas bawue net  2006-02-16 09:44 EST -------
(In reply to comment #8)

> #1 - This was my first review, so the "APPROVED" was more of a personal
> suggestion than a final approval, and I didn't know if a plain-ol' reviewer
> could change it to accept or if a sponsor had to do that
The review guidelines at
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Packaging/ReviewGuidelines state:
"A Reviewer is defined as the person who chooses to review a package. For the
sake of clarity, one person takes ownership of the review. Other people are
encouraged to comment on the review as well, either in the bug or on the mailing
list. The primary Reviewer can be any current package owner, unless the
Contributor is a first timer."

Thus in general, any FE-contributor can review packages.

> #2 - I assumed I didn't have the appropriate bugzilla permissions
You do not need special permissions for that. It's just a regular tracker,
everyone can change that.


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