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[Bug 173719] Review Request: openmpi - a new MPI implementation

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Summary: Review Request:  openmpi - a new MPI implementation


------- Additional Comments From ed eh3 com  2006-02-16 12:29 EST -------
Hi Jason and Orion, Thank you for the responses -- I'm thrilled that other
folks are interested in MPI on Fedora!

When installing multiple MPI implementations, its best if you avoid putting
headers and libs into, for instance, /usr/include and /usr/lib.  If you
instead put them into, for example, /usr/include/openmpi or /usr/lib/lam
then compilers will have to use some sort of environment variables or other
build-time information to find them.  And thats desirable when installing
multiple implementations because it means that, for instance, a particular
software build won't accidentally include a lam-provided /usr/include/mpif.h
when what you really want is the version at /usr/include/mpich-2/mpif.h.

Basically, if we do our best to avoid "polluting" the standard locations
then users are much less likely to have problems with side-by-side installs.

And yes, I realize that these problems can be fixed by improving the build
systems for all the software out there that uses MPI.  Good build systems
can make it easy to ensure that you get the headers, libs, etc. that you 
want.  But file layout can also make it easier when dealing with the vast
number of thrown-together-with-duct-tape build systems that seem to be 
the norm in the real world.  :-)

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