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Help/advice with new goffice with soname change


Before rebuilding gnumeric for FE I first checked for a new version, which there is, unfortunatly this needs a new goffice: 0.2.0 (current in the repo is 0.1.2)

I don't know if any other packages actually uses goffice and I can't check because repoview is broken :|

Anyways the problem is that 0.2.0 has changed soname. Making things more complicated is the fact that this soname change was not nescesarry at all, upstream only fixed a few bugs, they didn't even touch .h files (except version.h GRRRRR) so no abi and not even api changes. I did a full diff and this soname change was 100% not needed.

So how to proceed, I would like to upgrade to 0.2.0 soon, so that if I break anything this happens before FC5. I'm actually concedering switching to 0.2.0 but applying a patch to keep the 0.1.2 soname, this seems the best to me, opinions?



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