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Re: Please rebuild your packages in the development tree of Fedora Extras

This time also: Replies to fedora-extras-list please, tia!

Am Montag, den 13.02.2006, 18:22 +0100 schrieb Thorsten Leemhuis:

> Hi Fedora Maintainers!
> The last rawhide mass-rebuild is mostly done now so it's time for us to
> also rebuild **all packages** in the Fedora Extras development tree
> before it becomes Fedora Extras 5 (FE) when Fedora Core 5 is
> branched/released.

Guys, please keep the buildsys busy. There are a lot of packages that
are still not rebuild afaics. 

I wrote a small script "buildcheck" (attached) that can check what
packages are not yet rebuild. The script is far from perfect but it
works quite well afaics. Maybe it has some bugs -- I'm sure you guys
will find some and tell me about it. 

How does it work? Rough version: It checks the buildtime of all srpms in
extras/development and prints the name and the email of all those that
were rebuild before the official mass-rebuild was announced.

The script found the following packages in extras/development for which
no entry in the owners.list could be found: fftw3, umfpack,
perl-Gtk2-GladeXML, perl-Imager, perl-Gnome2-Canvas, html-xml-utils,
dia, libdsk, libspectrum, lib765

The following 565 arch specific packages still need a rebuild according
to the script. There might be some false positives in the list like for
example "icu" -- that was moved to core, but still is in the repo and
found by the script. Simply ignore those false positives.

aaron bennett olin edu                   ifplugd
ad+rh-bugzilla uni-x org                 pam_abl
adrian lisas de                          cvsup
adrian lisas de                          jhead
adrian lisas de                          kover
adrian lisas de                          libcdio
adrian lisas de                          most
adrian lisas de                          nexuiz
adrian lisas de                          ninja
adrian lisas de                          sopwith
adrian lisas de                          source-highlight
adrian lisas de                          tin
adrian lisas de                          uudeview
adrian lisas de                          vnstat
adrian lisas de                          xdesktopwaves
adrian lisas de                          xlockmore
adrian lisas de                          xmlindent
a kurtz hardsun net                      libdaemon
andreas bawue net                        barcode
andreas bawue net                        commoncpp2
andreas bawue net                        ddrescue
andreas bawue net                        mod_suphp
andreas bawue net                        perl-Crypt-Blowfish
andreas bawue net                        scmxx
andreas bierfert lowlatency de           fbdesk
andreas bierfert lowlatency de           fluxbox
andreas bierfert lowlatency de           lcms
andreas bierfert lowlatency de           orange
andreas bierfert lowlatency de           synce
andreas bierfert lowlatency de           synce-gnomevfs
andreas bierfert lowlatency de           synce-software-manager
andreas bierfert lowlatency de           synce-trayicon
andreas bierfert lowlatency de           wine
anvil livna org                          aalib
anvil livna org                          bin2iso
anvil livna org                          id3lib
anvil livna org                          imlib2
anvil livna org                          irssi
anvil livna org                          libcddb
anvil livna org                          libebml
anvil livna org                          libmatroska
anvil livna org                          libsamplerate
anvil livna org                          libsndfile
anvil livna org                          libtar
anvil livna org                          lzo
aportal univ-montp2 fr                   gpsim
aportal univ-montp2 fr                   gputils
aportal univ-montp2 fr                   gtk+extra
aportal univ-montp2 fr                   utrac
bdpepple ameritech net                   gnomebaker
bdpepple ameritech net                   tagtool
bojan rexursive com                      libapreq2
bressers redhat com                      nmh
bugs michael gmx net                     abicheck
bugs michael gmx net                     aide
bugs michael gmx net                     bchunk
bugs michael gmx net                     chkrootkit
bugs michael gmx net                     mhash
bugs michael gmx net                     xmms-sid
caillon redhat com                       epiphany-extensions
ch nolte fh-wolfenbuettel de             kbibtex
chris chrisgrau com                      frotz
chris chrisgrau com                      ifm
chris chrisgrau com                      perl-Time-Piece
chrisw redhat com                        git-core
colin fedoraproject org                  adns
colin fedoraproject org                  gaim-guifications
colin fedoraproject org                  MagicPoint
colin fedoraproject org                  python-adns
danken cs technion ac il                 bidiv
danken cs technion ac il                 hspell
danken cs technion ac il                 taarich
davidhart tqmcube com                    leafnode
davidz redhat com                        NetworkManager-vpnc
denis poolshark org                      galeon
denis poolshark org                      gconfmm26
denis poolshark org                      glibmm24
denis poolshark org                      gnome-vfsmm26
denis poolshark org                      gtkmm24
denis poolshark org                      inkscape
denis poolshark org                      libglademm24
denis poolshark org                      libgnomecanvasmm26
denis poolshark org                      libgnomemm26
denis poolshark org                      libgnomeuimm26
denis poolshark org                      libsigc++
denis poolshark org                      libsigc++20
dennis ausil us                          krecipes
dgregor redhat com                       perl-Class-MethodMaker
dwmw2 infradead org                      ctrlproxy
dwmw2 redhat com                         exim
dwmw2 redhat com                         hfsplusutils
endur bennewitz com                      streamtuner
enrico scholz informatik tu-chemnitz de  cfs
enrico scholz informatik tu-chemnitz de  clamav
enrico scholz informatik tu-chemnitz de  dhcp-forwarder
enrico scholz informatik tu-chemnitz de  dietlibc
enrico scholz informatik tu-chemnitz de  gif2png
enrico scholz informatik tu-chemnitz de  hunt
enrico scholz informatik tu-chemnitz de  ip-sentinel
enrico scholz informatik tu-chemnitz de  libtasn1
enrico scholz informatik tu-chemnitz de  milter-greylist
enrico scholz informatik tu-chemnitz de  mimetic
enrico scholz informatik tu-chemnitz de  opencdk
enrico scholz informatik tu-chemnitz de  util-vserver
enrico scholz informatik tu-chemnitz de  xca
enrico scholz informatik tu-chemnitz de  xmlrpc-c
extras-orphan fedoraproject org          abe
extras-orphan fedoraproject org          anjuta
extras-orphan fedoraproject org          arc
extras-orphan fedoraproject org          at-poke
extras-orphan fedoraproject org          camstream
extras-orphan fedoraproject org          cgoban
extras-orphan fedoraproject org          cksfv
extras-orphan fedoraproject org          conglomerate
extras-orphan fedoraproject org          duplicity
extras-orphan fedoraproject org          freedroidrpg
extras-orphan fedoraproject org          gnofract4d
extras-orphan fedoraproject org          gnome-telnet
extras-orphan fedoraproject org          gnugo
extras-orphan fedoraproject org          gpa
extras-orphan fedoraproject org          gtkglarea2
extras-orphan fedoraproject org          gurlchecker
extras-orphan fedoraproject org          libzvt
extras-orphan fedoraproject org          lua
extras-orphan fedoraproject org          manedit
extras-orphan fedoraproject org          mknbi
extras-orphan fedoraproject org          netdiag
extras-orphan fedoraproject org          nget
extras-orphan fedoraproject org          ots
extras-orphan fedoraproject org          parchive
extras-orphan fedoraproject org          prozilla
extras-orphan fedoraproject org          putty
extras-orphan fedoraproject org          sirius
extras-orphan fedoraproject org          tdl
extras-orphan fedoraproject org          tetex-lgrind
extras-orphan fedoraproject org          tla
extras-orphan fedoraproject org          wbxml2
extras-orphan fedoraproject org          xmms-cdread
extras-orphan fedoraproject org          xtide
fedora leemhuis info                     icu
fedora wickert arcor de                  emelfm2
fedora wickert arcor de                  xfce4-mount-plugin
fedora wickert arcor de                  xfce4-netload-plugin
fedora wickert arcor de                  xfce4-sensors-plugin
fredrik dolda2000 com                    icmpdn
gajownik gmail com                       athcool
gauret free fr                           amarok
gauret free fr                           amaya
gauret free fr                           apachetop
gauret free fr                           basket
gauret free fr                           colorscheme
gauret free fr                           elmo
gauret free fr                           gmpc
gauret free fr                           grisbi
gauret free fr                           gwenview
gauret free fr                           iftop
gauret free fr                           libkexif
gauret free fr                           libkipi
gauret free fr                           libvisual
gauret free fr                           mpc
gauret free fr                           pdftohtml
gauret free fr                           perl-Jcode
gauret free fr                           perl-Unicode-Map
gauret free fr                           perl-Unicode-Map8
gauret free fr                           perl-Unicode-String
gauret free fr                           psi
gauret free fr                           pure-ftpd
gauret free fr                           qca
gauret free fr                           qca-tls
gauret free fr                           showimg
gauret free fr                           taglib
gauret free fr                           ulogd
gauret free fr                           unrtf
gauret free fr                           wv
gauret free fr                           xbindkeys
gauret free fr                           xlhtml
gauret free fr                           zope
gemi bluewin ch                          abcm2ps
gemi bluewin ch                          audacity
gemi bluewin ch                          bigloo
gemi bluewin ch                          clisp
gemi bluewin ch                          cook
gemi bluewin ch                          erlang
gemi bluewin ch                          gforth
gemi bluewin ch                          global
gemi bluewin ch                          graveman
gemi bluewin ch                          GtkAda
gemi bluewin ch                          lablgl
gemi bluewin ch                          lablgtk
gemi bluewin ch                          ocaml
gemi bluewin ch                          pl
gemi bluewin ch                          plt-scheme
gemi bluewin ch                          qcad
gemi bluewin ch                          skencil
gemi bluewin ch                          TeXmacs
gemi bluewin ch                          unison
gemi bluewin ch                          yap
ghenry suretecsystems com                john
ghenry suretecsystems com                librsync
ghenry suretecsystems com                rdiff-backup
green redhat com                         itext
green redhat com                         jakarta-commons-cli
green redhat com                         jogl
green redhat com                         kawa
green redhat com                         rssowl
grenier cgsecurity org                   testdisk
hamzy us ibm com                         sblim-cmpi-base
hamzy us ibm com                         sblim-cmpi-devel
hamzy us ibm com                         sblim-wbemcli
i stingr net                             flow-tools
i stingr net                             pyflowtools
i stingr net                             rzip
ivazquez ivazquez net                    hamlib
ivazquez ivazquez net                    lock-keys-applet
ivazquez ivazquez net                    sqlite2
jamatos fc up pt                         fftw2
jamatos fc up pt                         R-mAr
jcarpenter condell org                   ks3switch
jcarpenter condell org                   lrmi
jcarpenter condell org                   s3switch
jcarpenter condell org                   tpb
jcarpenter condell org                   xosd
jdennis redhat com                       cyrus-imapd
jeff gilchrist gmail com                 pbzip2
jeff ollie clive ia us                   byzanz
jeff ollie clive ia us                   libeXosip2
jeff ultimateevil org                    up-imapproxy
jeff ultimateevil org                    zile
jfontain free fr                         blt
jfontain free fr                         tktable
jnovy redhat com                         allegro
jnovy redhat com                         cproto
jnovy redhat com                         nedit
Jochen herr-schmitt de                   blender
joost cnoc nl                            fpc
jpo di uminho pt                         libol
jpo di uminho pt                         perl-AppConfig
jpo di uminho pt                         perl-Compress-Bzip2
jpo di uminho pt                         perl-DBD-SQLite
jpo di uminho pt                         perl-DBD-XBase
jpo di uminho pt                         perl-Digest-MD4
jpo di uminho pt                         perl-Error
jpo di uminho pt                         perl-ExtUtils-PkgConfig
jpo di uminho pt                         perl-Gtk2
jpo di uminho pt                         perl-Image-Size
jpo di uminho pt                         perl-Image-Xbm
jpo di uminho pt                         perl-Image-Xpm
jpo di uminho pt                         perl-MLDBM
jpo di uminho pt                         perl-Net-SSLeay
jpo di uminho pt                         perl-Pod-Coverage
jpo di uminho pt                         perl-Test-Pod
jpo di uminho pt                         perl-Text-CSV_XS
jspaleta gmail com                       glabels
jspaleta gmail com                       istanbul
j w r degoede hhs nl                     Glide3
j w r degoede hhs nl                     lacewing
j w r degoede hhs nl                     overgod
j w r degoede hhs nl                     svgalib
jylitalo iki fi                          python-imaging
jylitalo iki fi                          xplanet
karsten redhat com                       x3270
katzj redhat com                         mercurial
lemenkov newmail ru                      chmlib
lemenkov newmail ru                      fuse
lemenkov newmail ru                      fuse-encfs
lemenkov newmail ru                      fuse-sshfs
lemenkov newmail ru                      rlog
lemenkov newmail ru                      wavpack
llch redhat com                          libtabe
llch redhat com                          xcin
lmacken redhat com                       naim
lmacken redhat com                       valknut
luya256 yahoo com                        gdesklets
mattdm mattdm org                        wxPythonGTK2
matthias rpmforge net                    advancecomp
matthias rpmforge net                    bbkeys
matthias rpmforge net                    blackbox
matthias rpmforge net                    boa
matthias rpmforge net                    camE
matthias rpmforge net                    csmash
matthias rpmforge net                    d4x
matthias rpmforge net                    diradmin
matthias rpmforge net                    djvulibre
matthias rpmforge net                    easytag
matthias rpmforge net                    fillets-ng
matthias rpmforge net                    gcombust
matthias rpmforge net                    gentoo
matthias rpmforge net                    giblib
matthias rpmforge net                    gkrellm-aclock
matthias rpmforge net                    gkrellm-freq
matthias rpmforge net                    Gtk-Perl
matthias rpmforge net                    gtktalog
matthias rpmforge net                    gtweakui
matthias rpmforge net                    hackedbox
matthias rpmforge net                    hercules
matthias rpmforge net                    i8kutils
matthias rpmforge net                    js
matthias rpmforge net                    kannel
matthias rpmforge net                    libcaca
matthias rpmforge net                    liboil
matthias rpmforge net                    lighttpd
matthias rpmforge net                    linux_logo
matthias rpmforge net                    lmarbles
matthias rpmforge net                    metakit
matthias rpmforge net                    ncftp
matthias rpmforge net                    oidentd
matthias rpmforge net                    p7zip
matthias rpmforge net                    php-eaccelerator
matthias rpmforge net                    php-pecl-mailparse
matthias rpmforge net                    php-pecl-pdo
matthias rpmforge net                    php-pecl-pdo-sqlite
matthias rpmforge net                    plib
matthias rpmforge net                    plib16
matthias rpmforge net                    portaudio
matthias rpmforge net                    powermanga
matthias rpmforge net                    proftpd
matthias rpmforge net                    rrdtool
matthias rpmforge net                    SDL_gfx
matthias rpmforge net                    starfighter
matthias rpmforge net                    synergy
matthias rpmforge net                    thttpd
matthias rpmforge net                    torcs
matthias rpmforge net                    ucarp
matthias rpmforge net                    udftools
matthias rpmforge net                    viruskiller
matthias rpmforge net                    xmms
matthias rpmforge net                    xmms-acme
matthias rpmforge net                    xmms-arts
matthias rpmforge net                    xmms-crossfade
matthias rpmforge net                    xmms-flac
matthias rpmforge net                    xmms-lirc
matthias rpmforge net                    xmms-speex
matthias rpmforge net                    xvattr
matthias rpmforge net                    yasm
matthias rpmforge net                    zziplib
matt truch net                           cfitsio
matt truch net                           hpic
mccann0011 hotmail com                   geos
mccann0011 hotmail com                   proj
meme daughtersoftiresias org             nethack-vultures
mfleming+rpm enlartenment com            mlmmj
mfleming+rpm enlartenment com            mod_security
michel salim gmail com                   gai
michel salim gmail com                   gai-pal
michel salim gmail com                   grhino
michel salim gmail com                   quarry
mihai xcyb org                           htb-util
mitr redhat com                          foobillard
mitr redhat com                          python-4Suite-XML
mpeters mac com                          firestarter
mpeters mac com                          gfontview
mpeters mac com                          gnomesword
mpeters mac com                          lcdf-typetools
mpeters mac com                          libvisual-plugins
mpeters mac com                          pan
nhorman redhat com                       iozone
nos utelsystems com                      dillo
nos utelsystems com                      gktools
nos utelsystems com                      gtkterm
nos utelsystems com                      neverball
nos utelsystems com                      soundtracker
nos utelsystems com                      whowatch
oliver andrich gmail com                 ruby-mysql
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oliver linux-kernel at                   libdnet
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oliver linux-kernel at                   perl-Unix-Statgrab
oliver linux-kernel at                   rblcheck
oliver linux-kernel at                   scanssh
oliver linux-kernel at                   syck
orion cora nwra com                      gdl
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orion cora nwra com                      perl-Net-IP-CMatch
orion cora nwra com                      perl-Net-Patricia
orion cora nwra com                      plplot
orion cora nwra com                      python-basemap
orion cora nwra com                      python-matplotlib
otaylor redhat com                       libuninameslist
paul city-fan org                        pptp
paul xtdnet nl                           fetchlog
paul xtdnet nl                           gaim-otr
paul xtdnet nl                           l2tpd
paul xtdnet nl                           ldns
paul xtdnet nl                           libotr
paul xtdnet nl                           nsd
pawsa theochem kth se                    balsa
pawsa theochem kth se                    libesmtp
pertusus free fr                         BibTool
pertusus free fr                         docbook2X
pertusus free fr                         libdap
pertusus free fr                         libnc-dap
pertusus free fr                         libsx
pertusus free fr                         tetex-tex4ht
petersen redhat com                      darcs
petersen redhat com                      FreeWnn
petersen redhat com                      ghc
petersen redhat com                      haddock
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pvrabec redhat com                       licq
qspencer ieee org                        octave-forge
rc040203 freenet de                      Coin2
rc040203 freenet de                      Inventor
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rc040203 freenet de                      OpenSceneGraph
rc040203 freenet de                      perl-gettext
rc040203 freenet de                      perl-Params-Validate
rc040203 freenet de                      perl-Test-Taint
rc040203 freenet de                      perl-Want
rc040203 freenet de                      SIMVoleon
rc040203 freenet de                      SoQt
rdieter math unl edu                     akode
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rdieter math unl edu                     dxpc
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rdieter math unl edu                     xforms
redhat-bugzilla camperquake de           bmp
redhat-bugzilla camperquake de           bmp-flac2
redhat-bugzilla camperquake de           fwbuilder
redhat-bugzilla camperquake de           libfwbuilder
redhat flyn org                          gnonlin
redhat flyn org                          linkchecker
redhat flyn org                          new
redhat flyn org                          pam_mount
redhat flyn org                          roundup
rolandd cisco com                        libmthca
roland redhat com                        monotone
rpm timj co uk                           altermime
rvokal redhat com                        nuttcp
ryo-dairiki users sourceforge net        scim-input-pad
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shahms shahms com                        python-psycopg
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simonb thoughtpolice co uk               fdupes
skvidal phy duke edu                     mock
skvidal phy duke edu                     seahorse
steve silug org                          gl-117
steve silug org                          perl-BerkeleyDB
steve silug org                          perl-Crypt-DES
steve silug org                          perl-DateTime
steve silug org                          perl-IPC-ShareLite
steve silug org                          perl-Unix-Syslog
steve silug org                          tuxpaint
steve silug org                          tuxtype2
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thomas apestaart org                     mod_annodex
thomas apestaart org                     python-twisted
toniw iki fi                             silky
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ville skytta iki fi                      id3v2
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ville skytta iki fi                      pcsc-tools
ville skytta iki fi                      xemacs
wart kobold org                          tcldom
wart kobold org                          tclhttpd
wart kobold org                          tclxml
wart kobold org                          xpilot-ng
wtogami redhat com                       bonnie++
wtogami redhat com                       ccache
wtogami redhat com                       lvcool
wtogami redhat com                       perl-Digest-Nilsimsa
wtogami redhat com                       perl-Razor-Agent
wtogami redhat com                       scponly
z kota gmx net                           python-bibtex
z kota gmx net                           recode

Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora leemhuis info>

Attachment: buildcheck
Description: application/shellscript

name=Fedora Extras $releasever - Development Tree

name=Fedora Extras $releasever - Development Tree

name=Fedora Extras $releasever - Development Tree

name=Fedora Extras $releasever - Development Tree

name=Fedora Extras $releasever - Development Tree

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