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Re: static libs ... again

> ps - I realize that I'm currently part of the static libs 
>      problem.  The netcdf package, for now, only provides 
>      static libs and other packages (eg. ncview, nco, cdo) 
>      use them.  I've created patches to netcdf3 that allow 
>      it to build shared libs and will either apply them or 
>      move to netcdf4 (which has shared lib support) if it 
>      gets out of beta relatively soon.

netcdf package only providing static libs is a completly different issue. 
In that case there is no shared libs upstream. In my opinion, it is nice 
if you add support for shared libs in the fedora version, but this is 
certainly not a requirement as it may be a fair amount of work, and may 
conflict later with what is done upstream. My personal advice in that 
case is that it should also be worked out with the upstream and avoid 
doing specific things in fedora core, in case the upstream is willing to 

The case I am discussed is when there are static and dynamic libraries,
and I am advocating, in some case, to distribute the libraries (be it in
-devel or -static).


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