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Re: FE Package Status of Feb 16, 2006

On Sat, 18 Feb 2006 13:00:09 +0100, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:

> - "Packages missing in owners.list" -- I send a mail out on that ropic
> an hour ago. If all owners react we should get rid of those soon.

owners.list is "Step 9" of the NewPackageProcess! It is inacceptable that
during package review the bugzilla ticket is CLOSED before an entry to
owners.list has been added.

I've had no luck contacting the owner of "at-poke" by mail and neither via
maintainers-list. So this issue is one that "sucks very much" IMO.

> - "Orphaned packages present in the development repo" -- They normally
> should be removed IMHO. Might be a bit to late for FE5, but I still
> think we have enough time (BTW, why are they still there? We agreed in
> one of the past FESCo meeting that they should be removed *before* the
> mass rebuild)

Did we? Then that was a misunderstanding. The one thing *I* promised to do
(and have done several days ago) is to purge broken binary orphans from
the repo. I did not suggest removing any other orphans from the repo. That
would break post-install yum upgrades: libs upgraded, exe upgrades not
available => transaction check => *boom*

Further, there are some packages marked as orphans, which are not really
orphans. And some have been added to Extras through the new package process
and appear as orphaned nevertheless, e.g. "hula"? Uh?

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