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Re: FE Package Status of Feb 16, 2006

Am Samstag, den 18.02.2006, 16:54 +0100 schrieb Michael Schwendt:
> On Sat, 18 Feb 2006 13:00:09 +0100, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
> > - "Packages missing in owners.list" -- I send a mail out on that ropic
> > an hour ago. If all owners react we should get rid of those soon.
> owners.list is "Step 9" of the NewPackageProcess! It is inacceptable that
> during package review the bugzilla ticket is CLOSED before an entry to
> owners.list has been added.

Well, seems it happen nevertheless. Not nice, but that's life. If we
take a look at it now and then and fix it the unowned packages it's
should sort out.

> > - "Orphaned packages present in the development repo" -- They normally
> > should be removed IMHO. Might be a bit to late for FE5, but I still
> > think we have enough time (BTW, why are they still there? We agreed in
> > one of the past FESCo meeting that they should be removed *before* the
> > mass rebuild)
> Did we? Then that was a misunderstanding.

That happens. That's life, too ;-) 

>  The one thing *I* promised to do
> (and have done several days ago) is to purge broken binary orphans from
> the repo. I did not suggest removing any other orphans from the repo. That
> would break post-install yum upgrades: libs upgraded, exe upgrades not
> available => transaction check => *boom*

Well, we need to deal with that somehow. For example a "Rebuild the
orphan packages task force" -- but who will do that? And who will
maintain them later during lifetime of FE6? And how long are we going to
do that? Forever? I don't think that will work. 

Maybe we should remove the orphaned packages and add a meta-package that
"Obsoletes" and thus removes all the orphans during yum update. Also not
nice, but at least a bit better. Has anybody a better idea?

> Further, there are some packages marked as orphans, which are not really
> orphans.

Yeah, I suspected something like that. But how to we find out which? The
rebuild might help a bit here, too. At least gtkglarea2 and wesnoth seem
to be orphaned according to owners.list, but they were both rebuild by

/me looks closer

gtkglarea2 -- Gerard Milmeister <gemi[AT]bluewin.ch>
wesnoth -- Michael Schwendt <mschwendt[AT]users.sf.net> (sigh ;-) )

>  And some have been added to Extras through the new package process
> and appear as orphaned nevertheless, e.g. "hula"? Uh?

Interesting. I more and more like the "rebuild by maintainer" solution
-- we find a lot of stuff this way that needs a closer look or even
"fixing". It's a sort of "Fedora Extras inventory and cleanup just in
time for a new release".

Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora leemhuis info>

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