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Re: Again: EOL Policy for Fedora Extras


1. we should formally create an FE Legacy team. FEL would be composed of
the Aurora/Centos/FCL/FE people that want to maintain old releases. Some
poor sucker should be nominated to serve as initial fearless leader
(surely of all the Aurora/Centos/FC3 users one is ready to take charge?)

2. the handover from FE to FEL should be synchronized with the one from
FC to FCL. It's the only sane solution WRT users, they have other things
to do than track multiple overlapping Fedora schedules (also from a
marketing POW its probably saner to advertise to users the move at FCn+1
time, and let the FCn+1 -> FCn+2T2 be the grace period that was always

3. we should let FEL define its own policies. Today we don't know the
number of people interested in FEL and their level of involvement. It's
useless to dictate rules to a team which is not assembled yet. People
who want to do it should first go to 1. and create some form of entity

4. If in X months no one has stepped to 1. we should recognise the level
of community support to create a FEL is not here yet, and announce
loudly no one maintains FE3 anymore. Keep the repo for historical
reasons but move it to a freezer so non one mistakenly use it on actual


Nicolas Mailhot

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