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Re: Again: EOL Policy for Fedora Extras

> - We are a voluntary driven project -- we can't force any packages to
> still maintain FE3 if he has no interest in it. If we try it will fail.
> On the other hand: We are volunteers, and if volunteers want to do
> something, you shouldn't prevent them from doing it -- You should make
> it as easy as possible, otherwise they will feel peed.

Why not just keep the infrastructure (enabling the fedora legacy repo) and 
let everybody do whatever they want? If a maintainer wants to keep a 
package alive he keeps it alive, if another only wants to correct security 
flaws only he does it. If somebody wants to correct security issues in 
other's packages he does it and so on. Only communication is required, 
then, meaning that a packager could be able to communicate that he stops 
maintaining a package. It could involve something similar with the orphan 
page. And also something like the owners file, but with distribution 
versions, such that it is possible to have different maintainer for 
different fedora versions.

Adding packages that are also added to devel should be easy, the only 
complicated issue being adding a package to FE3 only.


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