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Re: Again: EOL Policy for Fedora Extras

On Sun, 2006-02-19 at 11:50 +0100, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
> Le samedi 18 février 2006 à 23:05 -0600, Dennis Gilmore a écrit :

> And I absolutely do not mean FEL should be a separate entity with no
> access to FE ressources. It could be a FE SIG or something else within
> FE. But there must be some coordinating structure, and package lifetimes
> should not be decorrelated. Pick up when you want and abandon whenever
> you feel so is fine and dandy for packagers, but it's also user hell.
Why? A user gets what he gets, when it's done - done by others.

> One big part of distribution work is to make something coherent out of
> random pieces of software.
No. All that is required is consistency of a "distribution at a point in
time" - With rolling distributions like Fedora, in an ideal world, each
point in time should be consistent.

>  That includes coherent support durations.
Why? Technically, nothing prevents you to fix bugs at any point in time
for any distribution, as long as the changes are compatible and
consistent to the rest.


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