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[Bug 179802] Review Request: seamonkey

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Summary: Review Request: seamonkey


------- Additional Comments From kengert redhat com  2006-02-19 08:43 EST -------
Summary of the previous comments.
Chris, from all your comments, only one issue is left:

> > - You probably ought to have the FindExternalProvides stuff that the Firefox and
> > Thunderbird package does.  Since the libraries provided aren't versioned, this
> > can cause problems when two packages provide the same libraries (mozilla also
> > provides these for now, and when xulrunner eventually takes over, it will do
> Are you suggesting to add the following 3 lines?
>   AutoProv: 0
>   %define _use_internal_dependency_generator 0
>   %define __find_requires %{SOURCE100}

As said before, that didn't work for me.
You also proposed 

> Does it work if you Require: seamonkey (it should be Require anyway, and please
> one Require per line.)

But that didn't work either.

What should we do?
Is there an easy way to make the dependency/provides system use absolute pathes,
so your predicted ambiguity won't occur, or could we skip this for now?

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