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[Bug 177881] Review Request: lucidlife

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Summary: Review Request: lucidlife


------- Additional Comments From bdpepple ameritech net  2006-02-19 10:49 EST -------
I don't have permission to sponser you, but here's an initial review:

25bcde0ddbe4f7db4a7ea92fcc36b7bc  lucidlife-0.9.tar.gz

* Source URL is canonical
* Upstream source tarball verified
* Package name conforms to the Fedora Naming Guidelines
* Buildroot has all required elements
* All paths begin with macros
* All necessary BuildRequires listed.
* Package builds fine in Mock for FC5.
* Rpmlint does not find problems
* Installs & runs fine.

* Desktop file is not handled correctly.  Refer to

* Drop the Requires for gtk2 & gnome-vfs2, the devel sonames will pull these in.
* Should probably use %{_datadir}/%{name}/ in the files section in case of
problems with file ownership.

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