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Re: Changing maintainer in general (WAS Re: Anjuta - change of maintainer)


> This is great. I am a little disheartened over the whole orphaned taking
> ownership process. 
> I asked sometime ago about this:
> https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-extras-list/2006-January/msg01457.html
> And got no response. 

Odd - you should have. That said, enquiries about orphaned packages are
quite frequent and most of the time, you get pointed to the list below.

> What is the process of a new comer to take ownership of a package? 


Contains all ye shall need

> I have a Fedora account, what else is needed? 

As long as you have the upload certs, you should be good to go (for
orphaned packages - these will have already have gone through the review
process. New packages need to go through the usual bugzilla system)


"Träum's nicht, Lebe schon" - Dr. Frankenfurter, Rocky Horror Show

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