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[Bug 181801] Review Request: zeroinstall-injector

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Summary: Review Request: zeroinstall-injector


------- Additional Comments From michel salim gmail com  2006-02-21 22:22 EST -------
I agree on the second point, but about Source0, as I explained, the upstream
source is a signed GPG file. Using the upstream source would require a
BuildRequires on gnupg ..

The source verification can be done by downloading the GPG-ed tarball from here:

So the options are:
- point Source0 to the .tar.gz.gpg file, BuildReq on gnupg
- Manual verification of the source tarball (take the upstream source, gpg
--decrypt ${file} > newfile, compare md5sums or do a diff)

The QA checklist does not say anything about including the full Source URL, just
that the source matches upstream.

Let's come to an agreement on this and then I can submit the final version of
the .spec file?

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