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[Bug 166255] Review Request: Sprog

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Summary: Review Request: Sprog


------- Additional Comments From alexl users sourceforge net  2006-02-22 13:20 EST -------
(In reply to comment #24)

> as soon as sprog is built in devel.. this bug is going to be closed..
> regardless.. of what the blocker status is concerning fc4 branch request.
> Because as a reviewer who has taken on assignment for this bug this is outside
> the scope of what the review request bug covers.

Sprog's been built.  Waiting for being signed and pushed.  Sorry for the noise,
I didn't realise that Sprog bugzilla component had already been created.  I've
created a bug now: bug #182461.

I've opened up bugs on dependent package, but I didn't make them blockers on
this one, I'll switch them to above. ;-)  That's the last from me.

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