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Re: FC-4 Extras buildsystem breakage details

> 2) dap-server, which appeared on 20-Feb-2006 around when the problems
> started, is the real culprit.  dap-server requires webserver, which
> pulls in 'boa' because it has the shortest package name of those
> packages which provide 'webserver'.  dap-server is getting pulled into
> all buildroots because it mistakenly provides built-in versions of
> perl-HTML-Parser modules

Oops... My bad :-(. In fact I noticed dap-server bundled an old version
of HTML::Parser some time ago, I reported it upstream, and the maintainer
agreed to remove it. However it crept in later, because the code doesn't
work with the new HTML::Parser. I didn't thought about the issue a single

> boa not been conflicting with mock, but the real issue of dap-server
> providing perl-HTML-Parser modules itself would still have been a
> problem, albeit a silent one.  If there are scripts, rules, and/or

In that case, as it doesn't really install HTML::Parser it may have
been noticed at some point. But if the perl module is used in the base
system, then it'll have screwed everything anyway.

Sorry... It shows once more that providing an old code instead of using
the system one is bad.


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