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[Bug 182463] Review Request: cairomm (C++ bindings for cairo)

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Summary: Review Request: cairomm (C++ bindings for cairo)


------- Additional Comments From rvinyard cs nmsu edu  2006-02-22 16:20 EST -------
The .spec file is updated in the same place. The new srpm can be found at:

- Locak build will not possible on FC-4
Possible, but requires backports of Gtk+ et. al. (available at the same site as
the srpm if anyone really wants them for FC4 before FC5 comes out) But, the
intent isn't to submit for FC4, just FC5.

- Please give the full URL in the Source tag.
There are no snapshot releases yet. Only cvs via cairographics.org directly.

- The BuildRoot must be cleaned at the beginning of %install
The first line is:
  rm -rf ${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}
Is there more to do? In case it was an oversight, I put an extra line in to make
it fit the convention that other rpm's seem to use.

- Please remove Copyright text from spec file.

- Please remove Epach tag.

- Requires for /sbin/ldconfig are not requires.

- I not see any make step in the %build stanza

- Please remove static libraries

- Mock build (FC5/i686) failed
I'm not sure how to handle this one. This looks like mock isn't finding any of
the pkgconfig .pc files.

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