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[Bug 180430] Review Request: Tong - a game of skill

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Summary: Review Request: Tong - a game of skill


------- Additional Comments From wart kobold org  2006-02-22 18:19 EST -------
(In reply to comment #1)
> The source grabbed from http://www.nongnu.org/tong/tong-1.0.tar.gz doesn't match
> what's in your SRPM.  Did upstream change their tarball recently?

That's funny.  I just downloaded it again and both diff and md5sum claim that
they match:
9f358a012639de1a5a8d3e0b323438de  tong-1.0.tar.gz

Can you check the md5sum on the file that you downloaded?

> rpmlint says:
> E: tong-data only-non-binary-in-usr-lib
> W: tong-data no-documentation
> The stuff that tong-data installs really should go into /usr/share and the
> binary should go into /usr/bin.  I know the program is broken in that it
> requires the media directory to be in the same place as the binary, but honestly
> I think it's simpler to apply a tiny patch to chdir("/usr/share/tong") at the
> start of main() than to hack around the deficiency of the program.
> A five-minute hack is at:
> http://www.math.uh.edu/~tibbs/rpms/tong/tong.spec
> http://www.math.uh.edu/~tibbs/rpms/tong/tong-1.0-3.src.rpm

I'll see your patch, and raise you a #define so that %{_datadir} cab be passed
in during the compile step:


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