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[Bug 182122] Review Request: multitail

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Summary: Review Request: multitail


------- Additional Comments From tibbs math uh edu  2006-02-23 11:07 EST -------
Too many people in this review....

I get clean builds after taking out the %doc tag, but just on the file in
%{_mandir}.  You will certainly see problems if you remove it from the other line.

Jose's being picky about change "make" to a macro, but everything else in the
spec is using them so it makes sense for consistency.  He's right about the
changelogs, they should be kept consistent and the release tag needs to appear
for each change.

I would like to get this package done and out the door.  With Jose's last patch,
I'm ready to approve.  Let me do a couple of final mock builds first.

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