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Re: Review Rules and staticly linked packages agains dietlibc

Enrico Scholz wrote:
ok, completing the numbers and assuming a dietlibc less world, we will
have to compile 'r' dynamically which results into the following

  res.ds.*      res.diet.*      res.glibc.*     resD.glibc.*
  0m0.000s(#)   0m0.260s        0m0.356s        0m1.088s
  0m0.180s      0m0.308s        0m0.344s        0m1.124s
  0m0.220s      0m0.300s        0m0.348s        0m1.140s
  0m0.160s      0m0.328s        0m0.364s        0m1.172s
  0m0.212s      0m0.288s        0m0.404s        0m1.060s
  0m0.208s      0m0.296s        0m0.332s        0m1.072s
  0m0.148s      0m0.348s        0m0.280s        0m1.108s
  0m0.172s      0m0.308s        0m0.304s        0m1.080s
  0m0.224s      0m0.324s        0m0.292s        0m0.972s
  0m0.212s      0m0.312s        0m0.368s        0m1.092s
  0m0.212s      0m0.280s        0m0.352s        0m1.000s
  0m0.195s      0m0.305s        0m0.340s        0m1.083s
  100%          156%            175%            555%

  res.ds.*      res.diet.*      res.glibc.*     resD.glibc.*
  0m0.000s(#)   0m1.516s        0m2.248s        0m4.100s
  0m1.212s      0m1.748s        0m2.124s        0m4.084s
  0m1.512s      0m1.412s        0m2.160s        0m3.988s
  0m1.296s      0m1.672s        0m2.204s        0m4.060s
  0m1.240s      0m1.764s        0m2.192s        0m3.444s
  0m1.340s      0m1.748s        0m2.132s        0m3.804s
  0m1.444s      0m1.716s        0m1.944s        0m4.040s
  0m1.612s      0m1.720s        0m1.980s        0m4.044s
  0m1.428s      0m1.808s        0m1.924s        0m3.688s
  0m1.492s      0m1.804s        0m1.968s        0m3.864s
  0m1.480s      0m1.640s        0m2.120s        0m4.152s
  0m1.406s      0m1.686s        0m2.090s        0m3.933s
  100%          119%            149%            279%

Yes, all very interesting but you're using a static inetd like in.xxx program for these tests, unless you want to argue that all programs executed by invsd are going to be static linked too, in which case you can start to vastly expand you're auditing of dietlibc to all functionality such a in.xxx program could use, so basicly to all functionality I would like to see results for resD.diet and resD.ds and compare those to resD.glibc

About your resident sizes results this doesn't take the shared part of this into the picture. Please substract the shared part (minus the stripped binary size) from these figures since the few basic glibc functions used will be resident already in any realistic Fedora test scenario.



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