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[Bug 177818] Review Request: adplug

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Summary: Review Request: adplug


------- Additional Comments From bugs michael gmx net  2006-02-24 13:46 EST -------
It's a matter of design. As /usr/share may be read-only, nobody could
create or modify the database file. Only the superuser of the master
server could. If the goal is to make it possible to distribute a shared
database file master copy to multiple machines in a network, /usr/share
would be right. Which solution to choose depends on where the global
database file comes from and how it is accessed at run-time. If it will
turn out to be something which is downloaded or updated at run-time,
/usr/share won't work on the individual machines. If it is something
which can be wrapped up in the RPM package as a default database, too,
/usr/share would work. Particularly, since users can override the db
contents from within their home dir.

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