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[Bug 180897] Review Request: heartbeat

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Summary: Review Request: heartbeat


------- Additional Comments From orion cora nwra com  2006-02-24 16:39 EST -------

Requires(post): /sbin/chkconfig
Requires(preun): /sbin/chkconfig



so that it owns the directory and everything below.

You might want the devel files section to look like:


To be clear that they are directories.

Similar with %{_libdir}/stonith/

- Your *.so are duplicated in heartbeat and heartbeat-devel.  Change file lines
in heartbeat to:


- Various programs are checked for a config time and not found:

checking for lynx... no
checking for ssh... no
checking for scp... no
checking for mail... no
checking for raidstart... no
checking for raidstop... no
checking for mdadm... no
checking for iptables... no
checking for md5... no
checking for drbdadm... no
checking for drbdsetup... no

I have no idea if this affects functionality or not...

- Is this important?

checking for owcimomd... no
configure: WARNING: Cimom not found, MOF will not be installed!

- Looks like the user ID might get hardcoded?

  HA user user id      = "17"

- Do you want to add snmp support?  Probably just needs BuildRequires:

  Build snmp subagent  = "no"
  SNMP libraries       = ""

Probably also need an enable flag and another subpackage.

- I think you need a BR: libtool-ltdl-devel , perhaps instead of BR: libtool (as
it seems to use $(top_builddir)/libtool in either case), to get:

  Use system LTDL      = "yes"

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