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[Bug 177818] Review Request: adplug

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Summary: Review Request: adplug


------- Additional Comments From triad df lth se  2006-02-25 17:08 EST -------
Updtream have agreed to change the path, but has this strange phenomenon
with autoconf, any ideas to help them understand what autoconf seem to
want to do?


Date: 2006-02-18 00:29
Sender: dynamiteProject Admin
Logged In: YES 

I agree with you and like to correct it, although the
following is strange: Autoconf has a set of variables to
refer to default installation directories, which i've been

In order to correct this bug, i changed the default lookup
path for the adplug.db file from $(datadir)/adplug, which
resolves to /usr/local/share/adplug, to
$(sharedstatedir)/adplug, of which the Autoconf docs say for
$(sharedstatedir) that it is "The directory for installing
modifiable architecture-independent data", so exactly what
i'm looking for. This variable resolves to /usr/local/com,
which is a path i never heard of and didn't exist in my
system before.

Question is now if i should just set it to $(sharedstatedir)
and let the distribution maintainers (i.e. you) re-configure
the right path for their installation at build time.
According to the Autoconf docs, this is the right way to go.

I really wonder though what this /com directory is. I
don't see anything useful on google. Do you have any idea?

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