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[Bug 177818] Review Request: adplug

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Summary: Review Request: adplug


------- Additional Comments From triad df lth se  2006-02-25 17:35 EST -------
This was one weird thing, but looking into the M4 sources
for autoconf you see it is defined like this:

AC_SUBST([sharedstatedir], ['${prefix}/com'])

When it installs for real it will go into /com
actually, and that is NOT in the Filesystem
Hierarchy Standard, nor on any system I have ever
seen (logged into a Solaris and a ULTRIX system
to verify this) it might be in the Modified
Directory Structure 
but I cannot access that right now.

I think this comes from the fact that some sysadmins
like to mount /usr/local on a network share, so when
you just compile and install a program it will
install in a location where all computers (running
same OS/distro) have access to the locally compiled
programs. Then a shared database across all computers
mounting /usr/local (or even NFS-mounting /com) will
make sense. (This is just an educated guess.)

/var however, is guaranteed to be on the actual 
local computer only. That is why there exist such
sick things as proprietary software actually 
installing itself into /var.

Even if /com is probably used by some
people in this world, I hardly believe it will be 
very many.

What you probably rather want to use is 
$(localstatedir) definied as:

AC_SUBST([localstatedir],  ['${prefix}/var'])

which will expand to "/usr/local/var" on local build but
when built for installation into root (--prefix=/) will
expand to /var of course.

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