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Re: Rebuild status of FE5 (Was: Re: Please rebuild your packages in the development tree of Fedora Extras)

On Sun, 26 Feb 2006 19:22:26 +0100, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:

> Okay, let's look at the whole situation from a different perspective.
> The following list shows maintainers that still have to rebuild more
> than 5 packages:

> 5 nos_AT_utelsystems.com

Nils has not signed up since the transition from fedora.us to Fedora

> bugs.michael_AT_gmx.net                     abicheck                            1.2-9

This is a noarch package in disguise, a Perl script. Its build-time tests
have given mixed results on different archs several times before. Hence I
prefer building it platform-dependent.

> bugs.michael_AT_gmx.net                     aide                                0.10-2

Due to upstream changes in libmhash I've delayed updates here as long as
possible. Trouble with flex on x86_64 (bug #183098) still needs further

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