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Re: OpenAL 0.0.9 problems

Gérard Milmeister wrote:
The OpenAL 0.0.9-0.2.20060204cvs.fc4 update causes several problems:
1. Dependents such as blender and scorched3d require libopenal.so.0
   Of course these have to be rebuilt by their maintainers, but how
   can one avoid deinstalling them to do a clean yum update?
2. There are other non-RPMed programs like X-Plane that use
   libopenal.so.0. In addition these suffer from the separation
   of libalut, i.e., I had to set LD_PRELOAD to start it.

I suggest creating an openal0 package for an older version (that
also include alut). So other programs will continue to work, and
dependents don't need to be installed before an update is available.

Everyone involved please read:

This is _not_ intended to put shame to Andreas who I know as a great Extras contributer, but to watch and learn!

Short story Andreas is using upstream CVS (at upstream's advice) and upstream bumped the .so probably because the plan on changing the abi, thus sticking with CVS is probably a bad idea right now. I'm waiting for a response from Andreas. I just wish to warn everybody this way to not start rebuilding everything against the new openal because in my book, we should revert to the .so.0 version instead of going with an unstable abi .so.1 version



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