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Re: rpms/dap-server/devel dap-server.spec,1.5,1.6

On Sun, Feb 26, 2006 at 09:16:46PM +0100, Patrice Dumas wrote:
> > Does it *actually* provide these for the system, or do you just need to
> > disable Perl autoreqs?
> You're right it doesn't provide this to the system. It should be better
> to disable Perl autoreqs.

Perl autoreqs are perl >= 0:5.004 perl(Carp) perl(DODS_Cache) perl(DODS_Dispatch) perl(Env) perl(Exporter) perl(FilterDirHTML) perl(HTML::Entities) perl(HTML::Filter) perl(HTML::Parser) perl(POSIX) perl(Time::Local) perl(dods_logging) perl(lib) perl(read_config) perl(strict) perl(vars)

All the HTML:: should be ignored as it is the old HTML::Parser module,
perl(DODS_Cache) perl(DODS_Dispatch) perl(dods_logging)  perl(read_config)
perl(FilterDirHTML) are 'internal' packages that are provided by the same
package, so should be ignored. So should the remaining be explicitely
required, like

Requires: perl perl(Carp) perl(Env) perl(Exporter) perl(lib) perl(strict) perl(vars) 

Or should only be perl required, given that all those are part of any
recent perl?


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