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Re: Rebuild status of FE5 (Was: Re: Please rebuild your packages in the development tree of Fedora Extras)

Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
Am Montag, den 27.02.2006, 09:19 +0100 schrieb Hans de Goede:
Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
Am Sonntag, den 26.02.2006, 22:20 +0100 schrieb Hans de Goede:
+ a zillion
I disagree ;-)
I know you would :)


I almost never (never say never) read the bugzilla generated mails, and I get confused about what to send to maintainers and what to send to extras-list.
Read the FESCo-Meeting summary from the last meeting:
 * separate extras-ml-list for bugzilla spam
  * We'll probably open fedora-extras-bugzilla-list and
fedora-extras-review-list. All contributors should subscribe to
I think 2 bugzilla lists is a great idea, I see you say should subscribe to review-list so its not a must?

Undecided yet. I'm not sure where I stand. Maybe it should be a "must",
but we can't control people. So they maybe won't read it or send it
directly to /dev/null with procmail...
fedora-extras-review-list -> review bugs
fedora-extras-bugzilla-list -> everything else related to Extras

fedora-extras-list should remain for general discussions about Fedora

fedora-maintainers should stay for all maintainers (redhat and
community) that only want to maintain stuff, but don't what to be
involved with all the flamewars ^w discussions on fedora-extras-list.

I can see the logic in things, but in practice everything extras related that gets posted to maintainer also gets crossposed to maintainer

s/maintainer/extras/ here?

Erm yes.

, now if you stop doing that, assuming that all maintainers are (must be) subscribed to maintainers then thats fine.

Well, IMHO maintainers is a bit like an announce-list. Important things
for maintainers should be announced there, but discussions should happen
elsewhere (e.g. on extras-list in this case). Otherwise people will stop
reading that list and/or unsubscribe. But maybe that's just my opinion.

Well if extras-list becomes low volume then this setup is fine. Offtopic: anyone now how to teach thunderbird to nuke crossposts (all except one) ?



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