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Re: Rebuild status of FE5 (Was: Re: Please rebuild your packages in the development tree of Fedora Extras)

> Bad idea. As soon as you force unwilling people to review packages, you 
> will get hasty or bad reviews.
> So why go this way and force people to subscribe to the review list?
> If people want to do reviews, great. They will put work into it and the 
> reviews will be thorough.

The reviews aren't only usefull for those who do reviews, but also for
those who learn to review. If everybody is subscribed to the review list
it helps learning to review.

> maintainers is basically silent.

Oh, I hadn't understood something. fedora-maintainers is for extras and
core packagers. And some core packagers may be uninterested in extras.

Ok, so there is some overlap between fedora-extras-list, fedora-maintainers
and fedora-devel, but maybe it is unavoidable. fedora-extras-list is
for those interested in extras, fedora-devel for those interested in core
and fedora-maintainers for those interested in both, but then it isn't a
surprise that it is mostly silent. It is even strange that there is more
than annoucements.

Anyway if every extra contributor should be subscribed to that list,
it should be said there:


and the mailing list should appear here:


> The list could be used however for announcements to maintainers.
> Right now -extras is high volume and I for one don't have the time to 
> really follow the list.

Still we are volunteer, so it is not a problem if it isn't possible to
read everything. But it is a community project, so there are 
discussions about policy, and disagreements. My personal opinion is 
that things are kept constructive most of the time, but I may be biased, 
as I participate to the noise...


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