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Re: frustrated newcomers AND orphaned packages (Was: Rebuild status of FE5)

Am Montag, den 27.02.2006, 07:33 -0500 schrieb seth vidal:
> > Deadbeat maintainers should be automatically disowned.
> > No sign of life in X amount of time ==> package becomes orphan
> > automatically. Make it a policy and put an end to debates.
> > 
> > Easy.
> Automatically? You mean w/o trying to contact the maintainer off-list?
> Occasionally people respond well to a poke. It might be worth making the
> rule 'after N attempts to contact over N months'

Well, I would prefer a solution somewhere between those two ideas. For
example something like this:

- you open a bugzilla-ticket with a fix/enhancement. Maintainer does not
react after N days (N=14, shorter timeframe if it's something more
important, e.g. security or something is totally broken) -> you go ask
on fedora-extras-list for comments and wait for another 24 hours ->
apply patch and build

- if 'after N (N=something between 3 and 5) failed attempts to contact
maintainer over N (N=something between 10 and 18) weeks' a package
officially is orphaned. 



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