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[Bug 183028] Review Request: perl-Spiffy

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Summary: Review Request: perl-Spiffy


------- Additional Comments From tibbs math uh edu  2006-02-27 09:51 EST -------
Mid-air collission - I'm replying to Ralf here.

Consider the case of adding another package implementing "webserver".  So we
have two packages providing the same thing.  The "mixin" functionality you get
depends on which package you 'use'.  You could never use that package and this
one in the same Perl program because they would conflict at the language level.
 What perl packages provide and which conflict with each other doesn't simply
map onto RPM dependencies.

Anyway, the issue is whether Steve is willing to add the Requires: filtering
kindly provided by Paul to the packages that require this one, so that the
Provides: here can be removed.  It's simpler to ask here than in all of the
downstream bugzilla tickets.  If he's not, then we try to work out another solution.

BTW, please quote the place in the review policy where the process of vetoing
reviews is laid out.  I would like to know how it works, but I can't find it.

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