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[Bug 183028] Review Request: perl-Spiffy

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Summary: Review Request: perl-Spiffy


------- Additional Comments From rc040203 freenet de  2006-02-27 09:59 EST -------
(In reply to comment #14)
> Mid-air collission - I'm replying to Ralf here.
> Consider the case of adding another package implementing "webserver". 
Yes, ... RH's responsibility, bad design on their part.

However, there is a substantial difference between "webserver" and "perl(mixin)"

"webserver" is a virtual package/property, perl(mixin) is a 1:1 correspondence
to mixin.pm. 

> So we
> have two packages providing the same thing.  The "mixin" functionality you get
> depends on which package you 'use'.

>  You could never use that package and this
> one in the same Perl program because they would conflict at the language level.
>  What perl packages provide and which conflict with each other doesn't simply
> map onto RPM dependencies.
It does. perl(xxx) is the file dependency on xxx.pm with the %vendor*/%perl*
cruft removed.
> BTW, please quote the place in the review policy where the process of vetoing
> reviews is laid out.  I would like to know how it works, but I can't find it.
FE doesn't have a policy of vetoing.

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