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[Bug 183028] Review Request: perl-Spiffy

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Summary: Review Request: perl-Spiffy


------- Additional Comments From tibbs math uh edu  2006-02-27 11:01 EST -------
> It does. perl(xxx) is the file dependency on xxx.pm with the %vendor*/%perl*
> cruft removed.

Now that's a clean, well defined statement that I can live with.  But is it
actually written down as policy anywhere?  Judging from things like "webserver",
I have always taken Requires:/Provides: to be based on functionality except when
specifying paths or library names.  If perl(blah) is different then things are
certainly simpler, but this really has to be written down somewhere that someone
like me can find.  Otherwise I'm just seeing policy being made up on the spot
and frankly it looks rather capricious.  (See also the veto thing.)

In any case, this is just banter until we hear from Steve.  So, Steve: I think
the Provides: perl(mixin) is the only issue of contention, so if you drop that
and fixe the Source0: URL and the summary then I'll approve this and move on to
the rest of your submissions.  If you don't want to drop the Provides: and
filter out the dependency downstream, then say so and we'll try to figure
something else out.

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