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Re: Extras Lists Transition Plan

On Mon, 2006-02-27 at 13:07 -0500, Warren Togami wrote:
> Hey folks,

> Anybody see any huge problems here?
Not huge, except that I find this proposal counterproductive to FE,

* All on FE is about to getting competent people involved, and not to
hide maintainers away and give people the impression of "These dumb nuts
are so stupid to do the work for you".

* FE and FC should be treated as one entity, therefore the split you are
proposing renders fedora-extras list superfluous, because the topics to
be discussed on your future fedora-extras-list are already covered by

* A significant amount of discussions on current fedora-extras is about
packaging - People wanting to get involved into Fedora should learn
about the issues on packaging as early as possible, before they try to
submit anything.

* As an FE maintainer, the number of mailing list I am subscribed to has
reached an extend I find non-acceptable.

With your split, I fear we will soon see the fedora-list trolls popping
up on fedora-extras and a further decrease in quality of packages,
because first-time SUBMITTERS had not been confronted with packaging
issues in advance.


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