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Re: Please rebuild your packages in the development tree of Fedora Extras

Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
/me is getting really tired and a bit frustrated.
Am Samstag, den 18.02.2006, 09:34 +0100 schrieb Thorsten Leemhuis:
Am Freitag, den 17.02.2006, 22:32 +0100 schrieb Zoltan Kota:
On Fri, 17 Feb 2006, Hans de Goede wrote:
It seems to check the wrong time/date though, its listing a few of my packages which have all been rebuild, take Glide3 as an example from the changelog:
* Mon Feb 13 2006 Hans de Goede <j w r degoede hhs nl> 20050815-3
- Bump release and rebuild for new gcc4.1 and glibc.
- add %%{?dist} for consistency with my other packages
Same for me (Feb 13). Packages: recode, python-bibtex, pybliographer.
Well, I had to define a point in time *somewhere*. I took the obvious
one: The time when I announced the mass rebuild. [...]
Okay. We can revisit that point in time and can set i back some hours --

We did -- we set it to the exact time when the rawhide was pushed on 13.

[...]And wherever we put it, there will probably always be
someone who'll say "My package was rebuild just <insert something
between 1 and 1440> minutes earlier then <new point of time>, why does
it need a rebuild?" This could soon lead to and endless discussion that
might take a lot of more time then it takes to just rebuild the packages
in question...

Okay, it happened as predicted. See attached mails. How to proceed?
Ignore the whole rebuild? Get the time from a random number generator
(sounds like the best solution so far)? Set it back to the second mass
rebuild in Core and not the third?

I say leave it as is, the rawhide mail is the time the new packages of the third rebuild where available and thus is a good time.

BTW, do we want to discuss this endlessly? Solution please. *Fast*, FC5
is near. And no please discussion that takes longer then just fire off a
rebuild of those packages.

No, as said leave it as is.



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